EarWay Pro, A Great Tool For Ear Wax Removal

by:  Geoffrey Cooling  | July 5, 2019 Ear Wax Ear Wax Everywhere I find that when I undertake ear wax removal it is often a multi-process endeavour. By that I mean, it may start out as micro-suction ear wax removal and finish with manual or irrigation ear wax removal. My outlook really has always been the best tool or process for the job, and with ear wax removal, the best tool can change as you undertake the procedure. I am always on the look out for different tools that will help. I was introduced to EarWays recently by one of the lads at Guymark and I have been using them for a while with some real success. Let’s talk about EarWay Pro Another Tool For Your Toolbox I think that the more tools you have for a job, the better. When it comes to wax removal, I like to have [...]

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