by:  Geoffrey Cooling  | July 5, 2019

Ear Wax Ear Wax Everywhere

I find that when I undertake ear wax removal it is often a multi-process endeavour. By that I mean, it may start out as micro-suction ear wax removal and finish with manual or irrigation ear wax removal. My outlook really has always been the best tool or process for the job, and with ear wax removal, the best tool can change as you undertake the procedure. I am always on the look out for different tools that will help. I was introduced to EarWays recently by one of the lads at Guymark and I have been using them for a while with some real success. Let’s talk about EarWay Pro

Another Tool For Your Toolbox

I think that the more tools you have for a job, the better. When it comes to wax removal, I like to have as many tools available to me as possible. As I said, a multi-process endeavour and changing conditions mean that you need multiple tools. The EarWay Pro sits alongside the tweezers, forceps Jobson’s Horn and Wax hook quite nicely and for some ear wax plugs, it is just the right tool.

The device is easy to use and when it works, it is very satisfying. I find ear wax removal very satisfying, it’s one of the few jobs we do where we get instant results. Anyway, EarWay Pro is the right tool or at least the right tool for some ear wax plugs. Generally, during my use of the device over the last few months I have found it to be excellent for harder plugs of wax. It is also excellent for ear wax with the thick malleable consistency of plasticine. Anything softer than that is usually easier just to suck out.

The Solid Chunk

If the ear wax plug is hard enough, the EarWay Pro often grabs it and extracts it in one solid lump. That has happened for me several times and I am sure my delight has amused my customers no end. I can see the conversations with friends later, “yeah it was such a relief, and the guy doing it was ecstatic!” hahahah. The more plasticine consistency usually breaks, but you can get a big chunk of your work done in seconds.

Easy To Use

EarWays Pro Instructions

You simply introduce it to the ear canal while gently twisting it, basically screw it in. The neck is flexible as is the spiral, they simply just bend around the ear wax and the ear canal. It also has a measurement marker on it so that you can tell how far you are away from the eardrum. Just be gentle but firm while screwing it in. I usually do it with my loupes as in many cases you can see into the ear canal as you do it. Not always, it depends on the person’s ear canal.

Well Received & Tolerated

So far I have used it on about twenty customers, it has been well tolerated by around 90% of them. There have been a few who freaked out a bit when they felt it rub the ear canal. There was also one person who’s wax plug was just too hard and the tool couldn’t get around it. In most cases, especially as I got a better handle on what ear wax plugs to use it on, the device removed the entire plug or most of it. So I would have to say it was a great time saver.

Not For Every Job, But Still a Great Tool

The EarWay Pro isn’t a panacea for all ear wax ills, but having said that, it is a great tool for the right ear wax plugs, one that may well save you time and energy.

For the record, and for John Llyod who appears to worry about these things, I received no favours or remuneration for this article and I don’t have any connection to EarWays.