Release with a twist

Instant Earwax Removal by Healthcare Professionals

The EarWay®Pro device is an efficient yet simple tool for cerumen removal, transforming earwax management.

Based on innovative, patented technology, EarWay®Pro is designed with a flexible helical open profile tip, for easy navigation in the ear canal. Guaranteeing maximal ear hygiene, this single-use device is rotated inward into the ear, collecting the cerumen and extracting it from the ear canal as a single cluster. The clinically tested device ensures that the cerumen is not pushed back into the ear canal during the extraction. The novel design of the EarWay®Pro enables access to the ear canal without need for expensive visualisation equipment.
It is designed for use by Otorhinolaryngologists (Ear Nose and Throat specialists) as well as certified healthcare professionals, including general practitioners, paediatricians, geriatricians, nurses and audiologists.
EarWay®Pro is CE marked, and currently commercially available in Europe.

Measurement Markers

Available in a range of sizes, the EarWay devices are equipped with measurement markers indicating the distance remaining to the eardrum. This important feature enables safe insertion of the device, and location awareness within the ear canal.

Provides a clear canal and view of the tympanic membrane

Once the blockage is easily removed using EarWay®Pro, physicians gain a clear view of the ear canal and eardrum. This enables them to immediately identify whether additional treatment is required, permitting them to treat severe problems early on.

The EarWay®Pro provides audiologists the ability to remove earwax in the office, enabling on the spot fitting of hearing aids. Completion of the pathway to audiology results in cost effectiveness and better service to the patient as well as improved patient and financial management for the clinician.

Why EarWays?

The EarWay®Pro enables efficient removal of most cerumen impactions on the spot, usually providing immediate relief from the related symptoms and problems.

In addition to Ear Nose and Throat Specialists, use by certified healthcare professionals may eliminate the hassle of waiting several weeks for specialist appointments and treatment. It may also reduce unnecessary costs related to doctor’s appointments, and follow-up visits to specialists.

Please refer to the IFU for full product information, indications and contraindications.