Reviews and Testimonials

The EarWay® Pro is safe with no concerns relating to trauma or noise levels – often a consideration with other procedures. I found the EarWay® Pro beneficial for clients with learning disabilities or Dementia where other procedures may have been contraindicated due to the clients’ behaviour.

Chris Cartwright, Director Of Audiology, The Audiology Academy

I have found the EarWay® Pro to be a great tool to safely and effectively remove wax from the ear canal, causing less discomfort and less side effects than alternative methods for many of my patients. It’s quick, and very easy to use. I definitely would recommend it to other clinicians looking to add a useful and easy solution to their practice

Melina Harry, Audiologist, Beltone, Canada

“ We had a patient who was sadly admitted to hospital and was very seriously sick. The patient was not expected to survive any more than a few days.
It became apparent to the medical staff and the patient’s family that the patient was not hearing very well at all and consequently, the family were struggling to communicate with their loved one at such a distressing and emotionally challenging time.
The ward medical staff established that the patient had ears completely occluded with hard wax and this was impeding his hearing dramatically.
An audiologist visited the patient in the ward and established multiple factors, including the degree of wax impaction and the patients’ physical position, meant that conventional wax removal methods simply would not be possible. However, we wanted to do everything to ensure this patient could hear his family at this difficult time. Earways were used and the wax was successfully removed from the patient’s ears within a matter of minutes. Safely and without any discomfort to the patient.
The patient and their family immediately commented on the improved communication ability.
For that particular scenario, EarWay® Pro absolutely saved the day and provided a solution at a critical time when all other options had been exhausted”

Dr. Stephen Griffiths, Au.D MSc Dip RHAD FAAA FBSA Consultant Audiologist /
Head of Audiology Services

What I really like about the EarWay® Pro during Covid-19 is that the nature of how the tool is used provides some degree of physical distancing. Often, when performing cerumen management with other recommended methods during the pandemic, the face of the practitioner and the face of the client can get very close. However, the EarWay® Pro allows space to be kept between the clinician’s face and the patients face while still being properly used, including bracing.

Amy Trusler, Au.D., co-founder of Pacific Audiology Group, CAN

As an audiologist and private practice owner, EarWay®Pro allows me to work to my full scope of practice, provides another tool to successfully treat patients in the office, and brings in more patients and additional revenue.

Patients appreciate the ability to feel the flexible, corkscrew tool prior to beginning the cerumenectomy and the clean-up is so easy, since it’s a one-time use instrument. Additionally, everyone loves seeing the cerumen successfully removed from the ears.

Alicia D.D. Spoor, Au.D. Doctor of Audiology, Owner, Designer Audiology, US

A patient with earwax visited my practice and needed cleaning; but I could not find the lighted curette. As I did not want to send the patient away and inconvenience them by scheduling an additional appointment, I was looking for an alternative solution. That was the turning point – I decided to use the EarWay Pro.

I found the EarWay® Pro fantastically easy to use.

The earwax happened to be the perfect consistency resulting in the earwax coming out beautifully in one plug; with no complications. Nothing was left but a very clean ear canal. The whole procedure took less than a minute.

It took me longer to wash my hands and get ready than the actual procedure. Using a curette for earwax removal typically takes 3-5 mins, the EarWay Pro saved chair time and allowed me to provide a full scope of practice in one appointment.

Dr. Lynda Wayne, Au.D. Owner and Director of Cadence Hearing Services, US

I have found the EarWay® Pro very easy to use and successful in being able to remove wax quickly and effectively for many of my patients. It has enabled me to carry on the patient treatment without delaying the appointment by referring the patient back to primary care for their removal.

Claire Rogers, Chief Audiologists, NHS Shetland, UK

Earways Medical

“I have always had a problem with earwax. Sometimes it has hurt in the past with the irrigation method when the wax was removed, however this was amazing! This is by far my preferred way for removal. It was quick, easy and I barely felt a thing.”


Earways Medical

Hi Dr. Kraitzer,I suffer from chronic cerumen impaction. I just got out of my routine ENT visit, and have been treated with the EarWay™ Pro device.
The treatment that usually lasts over 20 minutes, this time it took a minute and a half for both ears!!! The picture tells the story of what came out of my problematic ears… Thank you very much!