Superior ear cleaning at home

EarWay - Superior earwax removal at home


The EarWay® device is based on the same clinically proven, innovative, patented technology as the EarWay®Pro, with a flexible coated helical, open profile tip, for easy navigation in the ear canal. The EarWay® is designed for home use, either independently or by a family member or carer.

Earwax clogging is the primary cause of temporary, treatable loss of hearing – particularly among seniors and children. In some cases, earwax (cerumen) may cause earache and in rare cases, cause dizziness, nausea and balance problems.

The American Academy of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery recommend that if you are prone to repeated cerumen (earwax) impaction or use hearing aids, you should carry out routine preventive cleaning. It is also important to maintain clean hearing aids.

Removal of the clogging earwax should provide immediate relief. In cases where symptoms continue, a patient should seek medical advice.


Cerumen removal in the clinic or at home

With an easy “clear ears with a twist” mechanism, the EarWay® has a dial that enables the user to insert the flexible tip and reach the appropriate place within the ear. When the device enters the ear, it collects the earwax. The swivel dial will ensure the tip stops at a pre-defined distance from the eardrum. When removing the device, the earwax is withdrawn in a single cluster.

  • For use by a caregiver or individual, at home or in an clinic setting.
  • Comfortable safety grip handle prevents ear damage.
  • Sold with changeable, single-use EarWay Tips in S, M, L for maximum comfort in ages 12 and up.
  • Additional EarWay Tips sold separately.

Rave reviews for EarWay®

“EarWay empowers my patients with an easy way to manage their ear wax at home, and it allows me to work to my full scope of practice without the need for additional referrals.  I recommend it daily.”

— Dr. Alicia D.D. Spoor, Au. D. , Owner of Designer Audiology

I am one of those who needs to schedule an appointment every 3 months with a professional HCP for micro suction.

The EarWay® is a game changer and exactly the product I need.   My earwax is unplugged in less than a minute at the comfort of my own home, providing immediate relief.”

— E.G. 45Y

EarWay® Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use EarWay®?2024-05-15T20:18:07+03:00

EarWay® is suitable for individuals, over the age of 12, suffering from impacted cerumen, or earwax. In cases where the affected person cannot perform the extraction, a caregiver may use the device.

What type of earwax can I use EarWay® for?2024-05-15T20:19:10+03:00

EarWay® works at its best with soft, sticky cerumen as well as with harder cerumen. In cases of hard earwax consistency which may have been in the ear canal for years, consider using olive oil or drops 2-3 minutes prior to EarWay® procedure, to soften the earwax.  The EarWay® will not work with runny earwax as it will slip through the device.

How quickly should I expect EarWay®to remove the earwax?2024-05-15T20:20:32+03:00

Based on clinical studies, pilots and customer feedback, the procedure can be completed in anywhere from 10 seconds and up to 2 minutes, with an average of 35 seconds.

Is EarWay® reusable?2024-05-15T20:21:36+03:00

The handle of the EarWay is intended for multiple uses and will last for many years when stored in a safe place. The helical heads of the EarWay are single use devices, one per ear, and are not meant to be reused due to the risk of cross-contamination of bacteria or other contaminants.

Using the same helical head of the device more than 2 times may damage its shape causing it to lose efficacy and potentially cause harm.

How will I know if EarWay® will fit into my ear?2024-05-15T20:23:26+03:00

EarWay® is available in 2 sizes; 5.4mm (M) 6.5mm (L) in diameter. The helical head has to fit the entry to the ear canal without forcing nor leaving space around it.  Most people prefer the M (purple) size. You should feel the helix turning against the canal walls. If not, move to a L (green) size. If you are unsure which size to use, consult your doctor.

Not all of the earwax is coming out, why is this happening?2024-05-15T20:24:12+03:00

Practice makes perfect! During the procedure, insert the device slowly and make a full clockwise turn of 360° before pulling the device out. DO NOT turn the device when you pull out and make sure you pull slowly. We recommend to watch our tutorial video prior to use.

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