Release with a twist

Earwax clogging is the primary cause of temporary, treatable loss of hearing – particularly among seniors and children. In some cases, earwax (cerumen) may cause earache and in rare cases, cause dizziness, nausea and balance problems.

The EarWay® device is based on the same clinically proven, innovative, patented technology as the EarWay®Pro with a flexible coated helical, open profile tip, for easy navigation in the ear canal. The EarWay® is designed for home use, either independently or by a family member or carer.

With an easy “release with a twist” mechanism, the EarWay® has a dial that enables the user to insert the flexible tip and reach the appropriate place within the ear. When the device enters the ear, it collects the earwax. The swivel dial will ensure the tip stops at a pre-defined distance from the eardrum. When removing the device, the earwax is withdrawn in a single cluster.

Each EarWay® helix tip is intended for one-time, single use, to ensure hygiene.

The American Academy of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery recommend that if you are prone to repeated cerumen (earwax) impaction or use hearing aids, you should carry out routine preventive cleaning. It is also important to maintain clean hearing aids.

Removal of the clogging earwax should provide immediate relief. In cases where symptoms continue, a patient should seek medical advice.