Definitely not an attractive topic. Definitely a showstopper for audiologists who cannot provide their patients with the seamless hearing care they have expected to receive simply because they could not remove the earwax.
Our exciting week at both EUHA and BAA has clearly
shown a paradigm-shift in regards to earwax removal, validating the relevanceand essential role #earwaxremoval plays in achieving #better #hearinghealth.
Being able to remove earwax contributes to capacity
management, which generates an increased number of appointments and reduced drop-outs due to referrals resulting in testing and on the spot fitting o Hearing Aids.
Over 100 attendees came to hear experts share best practice and how they have incorporated #earwaxmanagement into their service-delivery pathways at @BAAconf Roundtable.
A big thank you to all that are supporting EARWAYS’ mission to enhance hearing health by providing innovative, easy-to use, simple and safe, ear care products.